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November 1, 2013
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.:: It's all over now ::.

I don't know for how long I've been wandering in this damned forest. Those fucking tree all look the same, and the snow covers everything around me. Truth be told, I don't know how to get out of here. But it happened again. What the hell did I do to deserve such a thing? Where did I go wrong? I have so many questions, but so little answers.. The man who's supposed to protect and love me is the one who's hurting me the most. Every night, he would drink one bottle after another until he couldn't think straight anymore. Every night, he would burst into my room and ask me to take off his belt.. And, every night, I had the choice: obey and suffer as he.. Damn it! I-I should be able to say, or at least think about it. He.. sexually abused me. If I refused to take off his belt, he would remove it himself and use it to hit me several times on my back, arms and face. He would only stop when he'd pass out, thirty minutes to an hour later. I learned how to live with this issue, but.. It still hurts. This time, I snuck out while he got to the liquor store, but even though I could get away from him.. I'll never be happy, I'll never be able to trust anyone, have a few friends or my first boyfriend, or.. My first time. He took it from me. I'm stained with his touch and rusted from his words, I'm broken and I'm cold.. Even if I could get out of this fucking forest, where would I go? I don't have any friends, and there's no way I'm going back to this place. The snow makes my limbs feel numb, and I feel so dizzy.. I just.. I just want to sleep. I want it all to end. I want.. I...

As you slowly drifted away from consciousness, you felt your body hit the snowy ground. Everything became silent; even the river wouldn't dare to make a sound.. Everything except the foot steps coming towards you. You couldn't see the shadow that was now kneeling to your side, picking you up from the ground and carrying you as a little child.. Just as your mom would do when you fell asleep on the couch, several years earlier. It's been ten years since it didn't happen, since all you could feel was you father's cold belt. Oh, how you missed the feeling of closeness, the warmth of another human being.. Can someone be this warm? You lightly opened your eyes to look around: you were now in a small but cozy room, still in the arms of the one who saved you. Through his black and white mask, you could see icy-blue eyes looking straight at you.

''You should really get some rest.'' he said in a low voice, setting you down on what you assumed was a couch.

''Who.. Who are you?..'' you asked, your voice rusted from the cold you could still feel.

He lightly chuckled before lifting the bottom of his mask to his nose, revealing his lips and his cheeks.

''You can call me Tim. But for now, you have to rest, (___).''

''How.. How do you know my-''

Your words got cut as his burning lips gently met yours. You responded as much as you could and closed your eyes, your body warming up inside. A few seconds later, he broke the kiss with a smile on his lips, leaving you to rest.

''Don't worry, love. It's all over now.''
I just felt like writing a short one shot about Tim. c:
Sorry if it's rushed and short, I didn't have the time to write moar. owo
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