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February 26
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The sound of a ceramic plate hitting the concrete made you quickly open your eyes. With a still blurry vision, you tried to breathe in and out, but regretted it immediately; the smell of dried blood instantly made you nauseous. Wait.. Blood? That when you finally remembered that day. Those two bitches, the chase, the pain and the blood.. And then, that broken voice. ''Go to sleep'', it said. It sounded like a dying old man's last words, or like a corpse's first breath.

- Eat.

You flinched at the sound of this voice. That's the voice you heard before fainting; that corpse-ish one. As the right side of your vision started to get clearer, you could finally take a look at your suroundings; cold, grey concrete with small holes and odd stains everywhere. You looked up to the only source of faint light you could see; an old lamp loosely hung to the ceilling -which was made of nothing but cement- that could fall at any moment. As you turned your head, you saw a what looked like a man. Thanks to the back light, you couldn't see his face, clothes, or anything else than a tall figure for that matter.

- Eat.

The voice became obviously more agressive. You looked down to see a plate, in which was lying a pece of meat. Don't picture a good looking piece of steak, here; it was a simple piece of possibly wasted meat from which was oozing an almost opaque yellow liquid. But, with that more than empty stomach you had, you could've had swallowed pretty much anything, to be honest. With misery, you slowly crawly towards the plate until you could reach the piece of 'food' without feeling too much pain. You whimpered as you stretched your badly bruised arm to took a hold of the.. thing, and, with difficulty, bit into it as you heard a chuckle. You spit it out as soon as you tried to chew it; you couldn't taste anything but the liquid. It was, somewhat, sour and bland at the same time. It was the most disgusting thing you've ever tasted, for sure. As you finished to throw up, you heard footsteps going to the opposite direction of yours. You wiped the last drop of bile from your lips before quickly raising your head. Before the shadow could reach the door it was walking towards, you let you a weak scream.

- T-thanks.

The humanoïd stopped walking, still as silent as possible.

- I mean, f-for saving me.. Thank you.


Silence. Still this madening silcence. You let your half-blurred vision rest on the shadow, hoping.. Hoping for what, exactly? Did you really want him to break this damned silence? And why the fuck wouldn't he say anything?! Was he even a ''he'', to begin with? You tried to get up, but something kept you from lifting up your right leg.

- W-wait... Chains? H-hey, why am I-

Before you could even finish your sentence, a long, frightful laugh echoed through the whole place. It was a rasping voice, as if he inhaled pure air and blew thick clouds of smoke. The man suddenly stopped laughing before heading towards you, the weak light slowly revealing his facial features. You shut your eyes as thightly as you could before feeling your body being lifted up, as unbearable pain spreaded from your arm to your ribs. You could feel the cold, crushing grasp of the man or your already badly bruised wrist, as well as the humidity and disgusting heat of his breath on your face. 

- For saving you? Are you fucking kidding me?!

His words sounded like they were distorted, as if he couldn't speak properly. He let out a loud, mocking chuckle before letting go of your hand as your kept your head low, in shock, staring at the ground. He walked towards the door and opened it before turning back to you.

- I didn't save you from anything, doll. You just fell deeper into the rabbit's hole.

And with these last words, he walked away before shutting the door behind him.
Holy crap, I'm so sorry I took so long to update this story! ;o; Bad stuff happened.

Chapter I :
Prologue :
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