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October 31, 2013
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This day wasn't going to end well. As always, these two cunts were trying to beat you up. Why? You had absolutely no clue. Maybe because you couldn't bring yourself to talk to anyone. Maybe because your grades were going down, or maybe because you couldn't stand being around these disgusting teenagers. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But that wasn't an important question for now; you had to find a way to get out of the stall you were in since twenty minutes now. You tried to escape the two girls, but they found you and now there's no way you can get out without getting beat up. Maybe they were still out there, just waiting for you to get out to punch you hard in the face. Your two cheek covered in tears and both your arms around your legs, you tried to wipe away your tears with you pullover's sleeves.

I've had enough. Enough, enough, enough! I've had enough of all this junk, I can't stand being stepped on without anyone caring for me anymore. I can't stand being seen as nothing but a corpse without any personality, future and emotions. I don't wanna be a loner anymore! I don't want to be covered in kicks and mean words anymore. I just CAN'T stand it. I want to go away- no! I want to run away, run as far as I can and never come back. I wan-




No, no, no.. Go away, leave me alone! You began to cry again, when you heard two people laugh on the other side of the door.

''Get out, little cunt! We just wanna have a lil' chat with you. If you can talk, that is.''
''Don't you think you're asking for too much? That bitch can't even speak, for fuck's sake!''
''Ha, don't worry, I'll make her speak. Now get out, sweetheart!''

You heard these high pitched laughters again. You tried to find an escape, but it was useless; there were no windows at all. The only way out was the door. You got up, your poor legs still shaking and your finger trying to wipe away the tears still falling from your (e/c) eyes. You HAD to get out.




''Alright baby girl, I'm gonna count to three, and then I'll get in!''

No! You needed more time, or.. a weapon!


Looking to you right, you spotted the iron bar thingy next to the toilet lost a screw. YES! You strongly pulled on the iron weapon.


Oh come oooon! You pulled one last time before the screw got out of the wall. You then braced yourself to hit the first bitch you'd see right in the face.


The door bursted open as one of the girl kicked the lock. As you held on to your weapon, you gave a violent swing right at one of the two girls's face. She fell to the floor, large amounts of blood dripping down of from her most likely broken nose. As the other girl kneeled down to help her friend, you pushed her out of the way an ran towards the exit, still horlding your weapon in one of you hands. The girl held her nose, tears mixing with the crimson and now thick liquid. Her friend, still staring at the bruised girl, had rage drawing all over her naturally kind face.


Without looking behind, you pushed the exit door and ran off to the police department. You could hear quick steps behind your back; this bitch was tracking you down!


There's no way you were dying today! You ran into a small street; you probably lost your way while panicking. You ran, ran and ran without looking where you were going, when you triped on a soda can you didn't see. Your vision blurry, you rolled on your side, whimpering from pain. You touched your face; blood was oozing from your cheekbook area, and the right side of your face was burning.

''Oh, there you are~''

All you could see was a blurry shape just in front of you. The shadown held up what seemed to be a baseball bat before hitting the left side of your face. A ''CRACK'' sound was heard as blood dripped from your painful nose.

''That's what you get for hurting my friend, you fucking piece of trash!''

The brown haired girl kept hitting you poor body again and again, leaving behind the sound of your ribs and bones breaking. You let blood and saliva flow from your mouth; you couldn't bring yourself to scream. You didn't even have the streinght to keep your eyes open anymore.

''So, sweetcheeks? Ya too scared to scream or what? COME ON NOW LITTLE CUNT, SCR-''



A few minutes passed. What happened to her? Did she got tired and decided to go home, just like that, without even finishing her sentence? You could care less. At the moment, you were still laying down without being able to move, talk, or scream for help. You were alone, in the middle of a one-way street now covered by the night, your body full of broken bones and your face covered in blood. Your chances of seeing another sunrise were horribly weak. As your eyes closed by themselves, you let tears fall down your face and to the pavement. That's why you were so scared of human beings. ''Anthropophobia'', as the doctors said. That's when you felt two arms making you roll on your back. A cracking sound made more tears fall down your face. When you found the streinght to open your eyes, the only thing you could see with that blurry vision or yours was a large shadow kneeling to your side. The shadow's finger made its your to your bloody lips before you heard a rusty and quiet voice.

''Shhh. Just go to sleep.''

You passed out, the pain getting too intense for your body to handle.
Here's the first chapter! ;v;
I'm not a native english speaker, so.. Sorry if there's any mistakes. :iconfacewallplz:

Prologue :…
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beautyofthebones Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Please your writing style is compatible with a real book writer and it brings the story to life. Please more I am dieing with anticipation.
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I would gave walked out of the stall. Roundhouse kicked them in the face and gut, I don't care which first. Ran fast as I can, find da police, NO WAIT FUQ DA POLICE IM TAKEN DEM TO THE FUQIN BOMB TEST SITES SO THAY GO FUQIN KILL DEM SHELVES
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Holy shit calm down.
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Lovely-Slaughter Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
The next chapter is online~
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